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How Valentini Law Offices Can Benefit You: It is very crucial that you contact us for your deportation matter as soon as possible. The reason for urgency is that most of the time a motion has to be submitted well in advance of your immigration hearing. If the motion is not submitted on time, it is unlikely that the Immigration Judge will consider it. We will explain to you what forms of relief of deportation are available in your case. Once we select a form of relief, we will prepare required motions, USCIS forms, etc.

Deportation is the removal of an alien who has entered the US either lawfully or unlawfully. An alien is removable if he was convicted of an aggravated felony and if the immigration authorities find him/her inadmissible. The most common reasons for the authorities to find an alien inadmissible is the alien’s entry into the US without inspection, becoming a public charge within five years of entering the US, work without USCIS authorization, or an alien’s unlawful presence in the US.



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Unlawful presence starts accruing when the alien’s authorized stay in the US expires and there have not been any non-frivolous petitions or applications filed with the USCIS by the alien. Therefore, to avoid being the subject of removal proceedings, aliens must always maintain a valid immigration status or lawful presence in the US.

Removal proceedings start when a Notice to Appear (NTA) is served to the alien. The NTA provides the reasons for removal. As soon as the alien receives an NTA, it is recommended that alien retains an immigration attorney to represent him in the removal proceedings. Typically, removal proceedings consist of two hearings: a master calendar hearing and individual hearing. At the master calendar hearing, the Immigration Judge inquires if the alien is planning to pursue any form of the relief from removal and schedules an individual hearing. At the individual hearing, the Immigration Judge makes a decision on the case.

Various form of relief are available. They include, but are not limited to: adjustment of status, waiver, cancellation or withholding of removal, stay of removal, deferred action or voluntary departure.



EL Presidente Barack Obama, recientemente anuncio que ya esta aprobada la Acción Diferida desde el 15 de Julio del 2012. La Acción Diferida es un proceso que ayuda a los inmigrantes indocumentados que entraron a los Estados Unidos antes de los 16 años de edad. Esta nueva política establece la elegibilidad para permisos de trabajo y obliga al gobierno que detenga todo procedimiento de deportación de inmigrantes. Para mas información, contáctenos en su hora mas conveniente.