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Why is it important to hire Valentini Law Offices? Unless you are an attorney by training and deal with immigration matters regularly, it is highly doubtful that you will be able to accomplish the work on your own. One small innocent mistake could cause your immigration application to be rejected or delayed by years. If there is an error in your application, immigration officers do not call you up or otherwise get in touch with you and ask you to correct the problem. They simply move on to the next application. Most of the time, you will not even know what has happened to your case.

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Many people think that immigration law is just filling out forms. In fact, U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and ever-changing. Many of our clients are people who attempted to file immigration petitions themselves but were either rejected or delayed. Legal fees often end up being higher in such cases.

Read some Case Studies which outline possible consequences of filing your immigration application yourself or with a non-attorney.

Hiring Valentini Law Offices Doing it Yourself
Work with an experienced immigration attorney to minimize your risk of denial or rejection of your immigration application. Yes No
Send case questions to, or call an experienced immigration attorney anytime while your case is pending and receive a timely response and case status update. Yes No
Rest assured that information submitted will strictly conform to USCIS guidelines. Yes No
Work with an experienced immigration attorney who keeps track of the latest changes to immigration regulations and these changes practical applications. These constant and seemingly subtle changes might be crucial for the outcome of your immigration case. Yes No
Consult an experienced immigration attorney on how matters of your personal life (marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.), professional career (awards, investments, etc) or dealings with law enforcement (convictions, etc.) can affect your immigration situation. Yes No
Have an experienced immigration attorney advise you on supporting evidence that you supply to USCIS to maximize the chances of your immigration application being approved as fast as possible. Yes No


On November 20, 2014 President Obama announced new executive order expanding 2012 Deferred Action initiative (DACA). New executive order establishes eligibility for work permits for DACA family members and expands DACA eligibility. For more info contact us at your earliest convenience!