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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Driver’s Licenses

sierpień 24, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) Most of the states will issue driver’s licenses to persons granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

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(English) Deferred Action: New Law for Illegal Youth Who Came to The US as Children

lipiec 13, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) Deferred action lawyer explain new deferred action immigration law: aliens who entered the US as children, are under 30 and do not present a risk to national security or public safety and who meet other criteria are eligible to receive deferred action for two years, subject to renewal, and work authorization.

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(English) As Predicted by Valentini Law Offices, H-1B Visa Quota Reached on June 11, 2012

lipiec 6, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) FY2014 H-1B visa quota will open up on April 1, 2013 to a dramatic surge in application numbers. Acting fast and establishing a relationship with a qualified immigration attorney in January, February or early March 2013 can be crucial in meeting FY2014 H-1B visa quota!

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(English) H-1B Visa Quota for FY2013 to Close Early June 2012

czerwiec 1, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) Judging from USCIS updates on number of incoming H-1B visa applications, we at Valentini Law Offices predict that FY2013 H-1B visa quota will close in early June 2012.

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(English) H-1B Visa Quota Update

maj 3, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) As H-1B visa application numbers are doubling, NY immigration lawyer predicts that H-1B visa quota for FY2013 will close in June or July 2012.

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(English) First Week of H-1B Visa Season: Number of Applications Doubled Compared to Same Period Last Year

kwiecień 11, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) As H-1B visa application numbers are doubling, it fairly safe to assume that H-1B visa quota for FY2013 would not remain open for long and might close very soon. Eligible foreign workers and their US employees are advised to immediately start the application process while FY2013 H-1B visa quota is still open.

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(English) TPS Available to Syrian Nationals in the US

marzec 29, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog
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(English) H-1B Visa Quota Opens Up On April 1, 2012

luty 14, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog
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Provisional Waivers: As Close to Immigration Reform as it Gets?

styczeń 30, 2012  |   by admin  |  Blog

(English) We’ve been getting many inquiries about a new USCIS proposal on “provisional waivers.” Our potential clients are confused thinking that an immigration reform or immigration amnesty had been proposed or passed. Below, you’ll find a summary of the “provisional waiver”proposal and learn why it is NOT an immigration reform.

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(English) New Trends in VAWA I-360 Adjudications

grudzień 7, 2011  |   by admin  |  Blog

Many clients, both female and male, trust us to help them with VAWA I-1360 applications. Recently, we’ve noticed that Vermont Service Center (VSC) started to pay a lot more attention to the requirements of good faith marriage and joint residence. These two requirements are not only being questioned in very detailed RFEs, they are becoming …

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